PCR Test Horror Shock!!!

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PCR Test horror shock

by Steve Cook                                                                                 

Scientists have today announced they have made a shock discovery even more shocking than the discovery that dinosaurs may have worn hats or the possibility the British government is not at all demented.

They have . . . er, discovered the PCR test is infecting people with colds and flu - or as they are now known, "Covid" - and on rare occasions killing them.

This phenomenon came to light when researchers - whose identities must remain secret for reasons of (a) security and (b) embarrassment - noticed that almost 100% of people diagnosed as having Covid and being very ill with no symptoms had had the PCR Test a few days or hours or even minutes prior to being ill. 

Reports are coming in that tens of thousands may even have suffered the nightmare of getting better before they even realized they were ill!

Jane Fibbs, the newly appointed Vaccine Dictator of the recently formed Ministry of Eugenics, tasked with finding the Holy Grail of epidemiology known as "Herd Mentality", said that his has led to the inescapable conclusion that the PCR test is infecting them with an illness so serious that as many as one in ten thousand of them die

Even more terrifying is the fact that researchers believe that people as young  as 93 may be the most vulnerable.

This makes the PCR test almost as lethal as the vaccines, governments and other traditional killers.

"And" she added, "that's just one of the advantages"

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