Man the Solver and the New Renaissance. 

The Solutions are out there - part 1

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Such is the effort of the enemies and would-be jailers of humanity to spread a smokescreen of turmoil and dismay, it is easy to lose sight for a while of the fact that at this point in our history humanity stands at the threshold of a New Renaissance, a resurgence of the culture of this planet’s human community greater than any in recorded history.

This aborning New Renaissance has many aspects. One such is the heartening grassroots global revolt against the genocide in Gaza, that has virtually vapourised the enemy of humanity’s relentless and highly sophisticated propaganda, and catalysed the birth of a truly global freedom movement.

And there are many other aspects in the arts and sciences, in the humanities, in medicine, agriculture and so forth – advances in human knowledge and capabilities that the aforesaid would-be jailers have tried with grim determination to strangle at birth but have manifestly failed so to do.

We are going to make it our business, in the name of the Global Rebirth, to bring these myriad advances to your attention so that you can give them your consideration and, we trust, be encouraged to embrace the vast potential of we humans, a potential that those seeking to keep humanity cowed will not willingly allow you to see.

So let us start with just one potential stride forward among a great many and that is the discovery of the potential of the amadou mushroom.

Please take a look, at the following article and then the short video clip that briefly discusses just one of its potential boons: our ability to help the resurgence of the bee population.


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