Genghis Kant

"Guaranteed free of GMOs, pesticides, artificial additives and subliminal implants. Not funded by the CIA - and I'm not even lying," 

Features incredibly alien household appliances and edible musicians!

Available in Paperback and eBook

or injected straight into your brain

Genghis Kant

a  Novel by Steve Cook

" . . . a story that could easily have been the result of a late night carousing session between Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams . . . Humorous, irreverent, and written with the insight and acute observation of human behaviour usually associated with great comedy writers, Genghis Kant will have you laughing out loud. I was chortling by page 5 (and that’s just the preface)." Ingenu-e Magazine

"If you like Monty Python, if you like a very good story and if you like great imagination, you will love this book. Check it out . . . ." Reader

“I'm only a third of the way into this book and it is hilarious - everyone should buy it - it is easily as funny as Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Spinal Tap and Terry Pratchett . . .” Reader

“I was just sitting in my kitchen reading Genghis Kant when I laughed so hard I blew toast and jam all over my freshly washed clothing drying on the clothes horse. Thanks for that . . . deeply brilliant writer. Deeply impressed.” Reader

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