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7th Jan 2020

How to survive the Twenty-Twenties: not getting Alzheimer’s unless you really want to

Article just published on The Liberty Beacon and UK Reloaded_____________________________________________________7th Jan 2020

The future’s bright, the future’s organic : permaculture and the good shape of things to come

Article just published on The Liberty Beacon and UK Reloaded_____________________________________________________
6th Jan 2020
So the news from the Middle East is that some warmongering psychopaths killed another warmongering psychopath. I really don't mind if the world's warmongering psychopaths kill one another. In fact they are doing all of us all a favour and I think it should be encouraged. Provided they leave the rest of us out of it when they do. _____________________________________________________6th Jan 2020

New discovery uncovers hidden cause of recession

Article published to The Daily Scare_____________________________________________________6th Jan 2020

Dear human race . . .

Article published to The Liberty Beacon and UKReloaded______________________________________________________5th Jan 2020

From the director who lost his angst: the man who lost his sandwich

Article published to The Daily Scare______________________________________________________5th Jan 2020

Taking good care of our planet – a sensible game we can all play and from which we can all win

Article published to UK Reloaded and The Liberty Beacon______________________________________________________
So the Council is out gritting the roads. I think they should stop because every time they do it, the temperature drops ____________________________________________________