Spilt Milk

Black Hole Hoovers up Universe

"Geordie Trucker causes universe to unravel - which is bloody typical."

by Steve Cook

"The funniest thing since sliced bread." Yeast and Sourdough Weekly

"Highly entertaining but at the same time gratifyingly depressing." The Milk Monitor

"Buy it now while the universe is still here!"

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"Another brilliant book by Steve Cook

"Ordinary truck driver George Cobb unwittingly held, in his meaty hands, the key that would start ripples to end the universe; a sequence of events as cleverly woven and wittily disastrous as a slapstick Laurel and Hardy scene, only worse. It's as though whoever was in charge of the planet had left the finer points of Synchronicity to be worked out by a satanic pixie with a warped sense of humour.

"A darkly humorous satire on the state of the modern world, Spilt Milk is another tour de force from the pen of Steve Cook. It packs a big punch for a short story, never has dystopian bleakness been so amusing.'

- ingenue magazine