The Cutter Files

Alien Incursion

Warning: features some attempted probing and quite a lot of running away

The Cutter Files

by Steve Cook

A housewife, an accountant, a shopkeeper and a chicken factory manager inadvertently start Earth's first interstellar war and they are very sorry about that.

Plus Earth's first interstellar sing-song, featuring well-known rugby song and they are very sorry about that too!

"Excellently hilarious book! " GK

"Steve Cook's signature blend of wry humour and observational skill makes this short story a joy to read. Gently satirical, it good-naturedly pokes fun at human society while hinting at a darker reality beneath.

"Treat yourself to a copy, you won't regret it. Be warned though, this is not a book to read in a library . . . too many laugh-out-loud moments." Read ingenu/e magazine review in full here

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Available in eBook and Paperback