The basic conflict on Planet Earth is the conflict of two opposing ideas

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by Steve Cook

Behind the turmoil and apparent confusion lies a simplicity: what we have here on this planet at this time are two contradictory ideas of what government is supposed to do.

One is the idea that the people should serve their government.

The other idea is that the government should serve the people.

The former is the older idea that has been operating through most of human history and favored by pharaohs, kings, emperors, dictators, politicians and their puppet masters etc etc for obvious reasons.

It is essentially, in its many guises, a criminal operation in which the many are fleeced in myriad ways and with varying degrees of viciousness for the benefit of an unproductive few and the fortunes of the many are at the whim of the few.

The concept seems to have been implanted in the minds of The People by influences long obscured by collective amnesia a very long time ago.

It has been around for so long and so thoroughly held in place that everyone assumes this form of coordinating human affairs must be "natural" or the will of the gods or some such thing. It prevalence has brought untold misery and privation to the majority of humanity.

The latter idea is the newer idea and the more optimum of the two on the basis of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. It is long overdue but now that it has taken root, it is spreading its shoots and branches in all directions very fast. As such it is a thorn in the side of and extremely irksome to those who cleave to the former.

Presently the two opposing concepts of government are in conflict, with various vested interests such as the globalists, Zionists, bankers and the political "elite" trying to keep the former idea in place and foist it on the People and the People trying to foist the latter idea on the aforementioned authoritarian crime syndicates.

Which idea prevails will profoundly shape the ongoing development of our civilization.

We The People must force the ascendancy of the idea that government must serve its people, if necessary over the dead bodies of those still clinging with increasing desperation to older, outmoded idea.

The idea that the government should serve the People must be agreed upon as the unshakeable, unequivocal primary motivating principle of benign governance.

To the degree that it does so, the new civilization to which we are currently playing midwife will flourish.

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