Make your own organic chocolate

How to liven it up a bit. 

You can add whatever you want to the basic mix - just before you sieve in the cocoa powder - according to your  personal preferences.

I use about a quarter cup of organic walnuts that have been ground up into small pieces.

Another thing I have tried with delicious results is to add the left-over coconut mulch from making my own organic coconut milk. About a quarter of a cup of this instead of  or as well as the walnuts makes a very tasty bar of organic chocolate.

The quantities given here will produce the equivalent of about  one and a half bars of top quality organic chocolate at a cost I guesstimate to be about  £1.50, which is a bit less than half the  cost of a shop-bought  equivalent.

It takes about ten minutes to make

This turned out to be very easy to do with a  remarkably tasty 100% organic result.


Melt one half cup of organic coconut oil in a saucepan. Go gently because the oil has a low melting point. Stir continuously.

Once all the oil is melted, turn down the heat and pour in about 3 teaspoons of organic honey. You can vary the quantity according to how much of  sweet tooth you have. Personally, I find that 3 teaspoons work for me.

Sprinkle in one half cup of organic cocoa powder though a fine-mesh sieve to make sure you don't get any lumps. Stir continuously .

Once everything is mixed (it takes a minute or so) remove from the heat and put the mix into a mold.  I use a tin lid that is about the size  and shape of a large chocolate bar but you can use whatever you want, such as an ice-cube tray.

Allow to cool a bitc then plave in the freezer for half an hour or so until it is hard.

You now have a basic bar of plain chocolate