Don't be afraid to try this at home

Doing our Bit for the Planet


What this section is all about

In this section my aim is to discuss various things any citizen can do to "do their bit" to look after and help the planet. 

Instead of sitting around waiting for the government to sort things out (never gonna happen) it is necessary to recognise and put the principle into practice that change starts at home, with you and I and how we live, act and behave. And that boils down in large measure to lots of "small" actions, habits and bright ideas.

These small actions include but are by no means limited to the various things described in this section. The latter have been tested in practice by my wife and I with encouraging results, not  least in terms of our own morale and enjoyment. Each item may seem small on its own but visualise the cumulative effect if millions of people took it upon themselves to do the same. We therefore encourage you to try them.

There are plenty of other things we can all do on a personal level right where we live and we intend to explore more ideas as time goes on. 

 And we are also open to suggestions. So I would like to encourage you to tell me of any bright ideas you have or things you have tried with similar success so that I can tell others about them. With that in mind please feel free to email me at

The basic on this is that if we care about the good health and condition of our planetary home,  it is desirable to practise what we preach on a personal level and exemplify it in our daily routines.

I try my best to live by The Way to Happiness common-sense moral code and to the degree that I have done so my life has been a happy one. I highly recommend you give it a  go. One of the precepts of that code is "Set a Good Example" [See the clip below] so its seemed a good idea to do the best I could in that regard.

The good news is that none of this  has thus far been hard,  has actually saved us money and is fun. It is also surprisingly fulfilling, not least because it moves one over to slight gentle cause in world where  we are  bombarded by bad news with the implied message:  "and there's nothing you can do about it,  pal."

Well, as a matter of fact there is plenty you and I can do about it, to live better more enjoyable lives and directly contribute to the  grass roots Renaissance that is now taking off across the broad human community.

We hope you like the humble ideas we have to offer here and have some fun with them.

Featured Items


This page is still under construction.

To be featured as soon as I get around to it are the following, which have all been tried and tested by yours truly (and if I can do it and have fun, then you sure as hell can):

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Make your own cheese

Make your own kombucha

Make your own organic nut butter

Make your own bone broth

Make your own organic oat milk

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