The Gateless Gate

The Gateless Gate

For lovers of poetic tradition, a collection of twenty one sonnets in the Shakespearian style and twenty one poems in the style of the Japanese haiku


How oft the heart protests constricting flesh

That ever thwarts the spirit’s true desire

With calumnies that leave its love bereft

Of kiss, caress or words to quench its fire.

Between we two a gulf unyielding lies

As oceans vast and crueler yet than time,

That I must ever gaze into thine eyes

And though I love thee never call thee mine.

Yet ‘tis a curse and pain I gladly bear,

This love I hide and never speak its name,

Whose gentle hand would serve but to ensnare

In innocence thy beauty in my shame.

This valentine enshrines my love unsaid

While only dreams transport me to thy bed.