DoubleDare Art

Doubledare to Dream

Welcome to DoubleDare

you movers and shakers,

you takers of chances 

and daredevil dreamers.

Come, you poets and painters, 

designers and sculptors,

make your romances, 

play your staves, your lines, 

your rhymes, your speeches 

on the stage of the mind’s eye. 

Come, you whose art delivers meaning 

to the meaningless dark,

light the humdrum with your 

hopeful glances

and sagacious glimpses of 

worlds imagined out of the void

turning to the rhythm of your 

quickening dances.

Come, surfing the ages 

with a song on time’s breakers.

Speak of your castles and towers 

in the loudest of whispers.

Raise cathedrals of sound 

with a sweep of your bow,

the caress of your keys,

the kiss of reeds

that free the bars of 

song and sunlight 

through the stained glass you made in 

in the blank slate of oblivion.

Come, caress the ivories that 

birth new formations,

like sculptures of light on mountainsides forming 

portraits of the morrow that 

smile in their dawning 

and with the deftest of fingers 

strum the chord that wakens 

the acorn of creation 

in the hearts of our children.

Come, be the oak 

in the fresh light of morning,

the drum of its heartbeat, 

the thrill of life pulsing

in the sweep of its branches,

your ideas embracing 

its manifold voices alive 

with the trill 

of your triumphant chorus.


A few years back I set up a website for artists but then just as it was starting to do well, life intruded and with various distractions the project lapsed and lay dormant for a while.

I was never very happy with myself for letting this happen so I am now pleased to be able to resuscitate the project for no better reasons than (a) it s fun and (b) I like artists. Henceforth this page will be the gateway to the site and updates, news and so forth relating to the site and its artists will be featured here and on my Facebook Page.

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Have a look around the site and the various great artists featured on it.

If you are an artist and would like a page on the site or know of an artist you think should have one, then please email me at or PM me on Facebook.

Bear in mind there is NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND for this service.

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