Man the Solver and the New Renaissance: the Solutions are out there – part 6 

Universal Declaration for the Future of Humanity

It is my pleasure and duty to feature the following Declaration is it lays down important, sane  principles that set out much of the basic philosophical foundation of our new global human community.

One can add a few details as to how these principles are to be put into practical action and I will do just that in future articles but the essential ideas laid out in the following are sound.

Two essentials in my opinion are covered by the declaration and these are:

(1) The principle of liberty and justice for all based without fear or favour on just laws binding upon all with no exemptions. In future articles I’ll discuss what is justice precisely

(2) The abolition of the corrupted debt-based money system run by criminal banking cartels and replacing it with a sane uncorrupted money system> In upcoming articles I’ll give more insight into how that vital reform can be done – and this will necessitate a definition of what is money exactly and what is for?

But in the meantime, it is ideas and our agreements thereon not battles that will determine and shape mankind’s forward progress and it is important that we now start confronting and getting creative on the basic ideas and agreements that will shape our new, improved civilisation.

So please take a look at what we present here for your consideration.

Here is a short introductory video (see below)

Click this link to see the Declaration The-Universal-Declaration-for-the-Future-of-Humanity