Man the Solver and the New Renaissance.  The Solutions are out there - part 4


I'm very pleased to present for your consideration another extremely creative and forward-thinking project that contributes to the social, cultural and spiritual resurgence that is now taking off across the human community of this planet.

The Sovereign Project is driven by a vision of a free and peaceful future for the world. It has eight  primary goals and a quick mention of these will help sum of what this endeavour is all about - and why it is worth supporting.


End all wars

End all slavery

End the poisoned food supply

End the poisoning of our planet

Protect the children

End the Third World

End world debt

Bring peace and health back to our planet.

To see a fuller statement of the Sovereign Project's goals, click here

One brilliant idea is the Sovereign Project's business directory, which I have personally applied to join and I recommend that you do too.

By way of a description, I quote directly from their website

The Sovereign Project is setting up a Business Directory, where free-minded business owners, who have had enough of the tyranny, wish to operate within a free market again. 

This directory will be a global index of businesses that wish to work together and connect with free thinking people wanting to trade. 

As the bureaucrats and globalists stranglehold on the world’s market increases, new and free markets open up, and the Sovereign Project would like to be at the frontier of this new and exciting market. 

Over time, as more people join and offer their expertise, remedies will be offered to help business owners to operate within the private. Beyond the reach of corrupt corporate greed. 

If you wish to be a part of this, please submit your details. Write a short and brief synopsis of what you do, and include your contact details, and your website if you have one. 

We will create a database, and then upgrade the Sovereign Project website to accommodate the new directory. 

We are hoping to do this for free, without charge, and of course, “enrolling” with us is not handing over ownership or entering you into a trust, with the loss of your rights.

For the business directory page and (free) signup, click here.

For their home page, click here