A Hymn to Flux

This book comprises Volume One - the first fifty poems - of the author's Poetry for Peace challenge in which he had to write a brand new poem every day for 365 days. Starting on 1st April 2018, the first fifty poems take us through May and into early June 2018.

Sample poem:

Celebrate the Darkness of the Night

Celebrate the darkness of the night

For in that dark a myriad galaxies unwind.

Rejoice at dusk and the dying of the light

For out of it shall we dawn's brightness find.

Praise the fading bars of expended song

That proffer inspiration for new verse,

Some new cadence or rhythm strong

Born from the discord of fate's reverse.

Be reassured the door of birth's flung open

When e'er the road of life snaps shut,

For each step missed, ten more are taken

And motion's freer when broken from each rut.

Beyond old age new childhood waits

On the flip side of death's gate,

As we from broken shards new vessels make,

New sagas write on life's fresh slate.

Look not behind you, for ahead lies time,

The latent infinity of future

In which there's naught that can't inspire a rhyme

And there's no such thing as "never".