United for Human Rights

Liberty and Justice for All

These 30 rights apply to every human being everywhere at all times. 

They are  the route to Liberty and Justice for All. By bringing into being, for real, Liberty and Justice for all, we shall play midwife to the birth of a civilisation greater than any seen before.

It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to take responsibility for ensuring each and every one of our fellow human beings has these rights. And if  we all do that, we guarantee human rights for ourselves also.

By agreeing upon, insisting upon without exemption, fear or favour, exemplifying and bringing into being these 30 basic human rights, we the broad community of the People of Earth, lay the foundation for our new, enlightened civilisation.

It is my pleasure and my duty to promote these principles here on my website and to present for your consideration the grassroots movement, United for Human Rights.