Poemathon 2

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Day 334. Sunday 17th March 2019


Much of human history

Century after century

And millennium upon millennium

Has obviously been driven

By what can only be considered

A difference of opinion

Between those who believe sincerely

That government should serve The People

And those convinced most ardently

The People should serve their government,

Those who think on one hand

That The People should be heard

And those who are certain

On the contrary

The People are a herd.

Day 333. Saturday 16th March 2019


I thank God for my blessings.

I’m reasonably brainy and fairly creative,

Full of bright ideas and passably sharp-witted

But I crave the trait

I most admire in others

That’s summed up by one word: brave.

This universe will kill the faint hearted,

And even the smartest bastard

Will barely get started

If his gifts are not tempered

By plenty of courage.

Day 332. Friday 15th March 2019


I was thinking earlier today

About the Hyde Park and Birmingham

Bombings by the IRA.

I never did hate all Irish or Catholics

For the murder of Brits

By the psychos among their number.

And for the atrocities

Of ISIS and Al Qaeda

I don’t hate all Muslims either.

It seems to me madness

To hate a third of the planet

For the actions of lunatics

Mere hundreds in number.

In similar vein I hope that Muslims

Will not hate me or my wife

Or my kids or my brother

For the bombing of Baghdad

Or the razing of Syria

Engineered by the nutters

In power over here.

It would be quite tragic

For good men to fear

Or hate one another

For the homicidal acts of the

Psychopaths among us.

Day 331. Thursday 14th March 2019


I guess that what is happening

Is we are trying to secede

From an empire owned by bankers

And run by bureaucrats,

Behind a thin and not very convincing

Veneer of fake democracy.

Albeit we were conquered

By subterfuge and treason

Without a shot being fired,

We have regrettably awoken

To find that we are reluctantly

In the sticky spiderweb

Of some pin-striped Calligula's

Would-be empire

That is still trying to tighten

Its grip on its dominions

And whose architects

Live in constant terror

That at any moment

Their gig will unravel

And they will find themselves

Strung from lamp posts.

But until that happy day arrives

We should not need reminding

That empires as a rule

Do not let go their dominions

With a pat on the head

And a cheery wave.

Day 330. Wednesday 13th March 209


Mis-managed to destruction

With great deliberation

Traitors in its government

Lulled a bewildered nation

With lies and by sly increments

Until it sleep-walked into imperium

And woke one day to find

It had surrendered placidly

The vestiges of freedom.

I guess this kind of conquest

Is overall preferable

To being bombed into oblivion

But the meekness of surrender

Is somewhat lacking in heroism

And is by its nature

Painfully embarrassing.

Day 329. Tuesday 12th March 2019


There was a young woman from Woking

Who desperately needed the loo

But the first one she tried was broken

And . . . er, the second was broken too.

Day 328. Monday 11th March 2019


I guess every now and then

In the history of Man

The defeats by subtle increments

Just become too many

And he decides he can't continue

So he just lies down and quits -

Or so he pretends.

But the thing about quitting is

We can always un-quit again.

And that time has come.

And just imagine if you will

What might happen if

We all un-quit together.

Day 327. Sunday 10th March 2019


I think it was good old Plato

Who put forth the mischievous idea

That people should have a say

In their own governance.

This appealed to the governed

But was regarded as a bit of a hassle

By those doing the governing.

And for well over two thousand years

History has been a tussle

Between those who agree they should

And the devious oiks

Who think they shouldn't.

Day 326. Saturday 9th March 2019


Down through the ages

And the turning of history’s

Blood-soaked pages

England has been conquered

And variously invaded

By Romans and Saxons

Norsemen and Normans,

All wielding spears

And bows and axes,

These ferocious fighters,

Bad hats and psychopaths.

But never before was she

Ever subjugated

By smiling hordes

Of Diplomats and Bankers

Wankers and Bureaucrats

In a conquest by increments

Slyly enacted.

And let’s not forget

Before history’s redacted

The ruddy psychiatrists,

For England first

Had to be drugged

And comfortably sedated

Before they could

Get away with it

Day 325. Friday 8th March 2019


Can somebody please advise me,

This question in sincerely meant:

What the hell is supposed to be

The product of a government?

Day 324. Thursday 7th March 2019


America it seems

Is following

The path of ancient Rome,

Its Patrician class

Wallowing in depravity,

Sinking into immorality

And ethical inferiority

At odds with and

Several strata lower

Than the tone

Of The People.

Day 323. Wednesday 6th March 2019


Life lived with a purpose

Becomes a game.

Life lived without a purpose

Is a life dispersed by every

Haphazard wind

Or a vessel floundering


Without destination.

So it is for a man.

Or a nation

Or mankind.

Day 322. Tuesday 5th Marc h 2019


If today were a puppy

I'm glad to say

It would probably be

Wagging its tale.

This makes me happier

Than yesterday,

Which was a yappy

Little terrier

That shat on my carpet.

Day 321. Monday 4th March 2019


We are continually, repeatedly,

Reliably and assertively

Reminded that humanity

Is certainly, irrevocably

Tragically and doubtlessly

Terminally seriously flawed.

We are prone we are told

To folly and tomfoolery

Turpitude, ineptitude, bad attitudes,

Stupidities of magnitude,

A lack of moral rectitude

And some sort of addiction

To interminable wars.

If you ran this on a child of course

He’d live down to your expectations

And he’d turn out pretty horrible

Rendering your deprecations

A self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are, we are lectured

By experts and professors

And psychological superiors,

A very naughty species

That’ll never amount to anything

No matter how hard or earnestly

We foolishly keep trying.

And we might as well,

Lets face it, not be daft enough

To set ourselves

Any hopes or goals or purposes

Or work for anything worthwhile.

For ambition like resistance

Is ultimately futile

And the best we can hope for

Is some sort of drugged oblivion

To anaesthetise our worthlessness

Until we do the world a favour

By eventually dying.

But none of this of course

Has a grain of ruddy truth in it

Beyond our readiness

To believe it and become

What we’ve been told we are.

And the only flaw that does us in

When you get right down to it

Is our childlike impressionability,

Our tendency to follow idiots

Or rely on criminals and lunatics

For authority and leadership

And our willingness to swallow

The lies spewed by the trustees

And the management

Of our little prison planet.

Day 320. Sunday 3rd march 2019


The human race is older

Than anyone’s told us,

Our history goes back

For millions of years.

The truth of the matter

The history they taught us

Is largely a fake

Designed to discourage

Humanity getting

Any big ideas.

Day 319. Saturday 2nd March 2019


The thing with horizons

Is they’re forever afar

And always retreating

To stay where they are

And if we ever did get there

We’d run out of space

As the finish line breached

Ends the fun of the race.

Day 318. Friday 1st March 2018


Some men are asleep

Some are awake and some are

Dreaming they’re awake

Day 317. Thursday 28th February 2019


I wonder what it would be like,

A government of truly honest men,

Sincerely driven by service to their fellows

And not to their own aggrandisement

Nor enrichment of their friends,

A government free of criminals,

Conmen, spivs and sharks

Devoted to our enfranchisement

Not keeping us in the dark,

Who look upon the people

As worthy of their best,

Neither secretive nor cynical

With no honest man oppressed.

I think it would be wonderful,

But it’s a guess with little evidence,

For looking for an example

I could find no precedent.

Sometimes it seems the future

Of a man or of a nation

Must perforce be created newly

From pure imagination.

Day 316. Wednesday 27th February


The human race is growing up

And that growth has many stages

And its tantrums are but showing up

It’s entered its teen ages.

Day 315. Tuesday 26th February 2019


Human civilisation,

I think could well be like

A giant brought low and stricken

By a lethal infestation

Of ticks and parasites.

Day 314 Monday 25th February 2019

FOR IGNAZ SEMMELWEIS, Austrian-Hungarian women's physician (1818-1865)

Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician,

Cleverly discovered in 1847

That maternal mortality surrendered

To the use of disinfectants.

He is remembered by posterity

As the saviour of mothers

For the lives saved by the million

By the hygiene he discovered.

But in his day this contradicted

The “science” of the time

And the rule of fools and charlatans

Made new ideas a crime

And men of low intelligence

So busy being right

Would rather mothers perished

For their fixed ideas held tight.

So Semmelwiss was vilified

By men not fit to lick his boots

And yesterday’s equivalent

Of criminals in suits.

Dubbed a fool and ridiculed

He endured a living hell,

He lost his job and eventually

His sanity as well.

He ended his days with psychiatrists

Who finished the poor guy off

With drugs, restraints and violence

And beat him in the end to death.

But he’s the one who’s remembered

As a hero of his years

And forgotten now forever

The fools and knaves who sneered.

Now we’re bright enough to recognise

That new ideas don’t bite

And only the howls of idiots

Can keep us from the light.

Day 313. Sunday 24th February 2019

FOR GIORDANO BRUNO, Italian philosopher and astronomer (1548-1600)

Giordano Bruno declared

The Earth goes round the sun,

In voicing his idea he dared

To annoy the Vatican.

In a spirit of Christian mercy

He was sentenced to the stake

And burned in screaming agony

For his heretical mistake.

The Pope of course contended

Bruno was at fault and liable

For expressing things not mentioned

Anywhere in the Bible.

If I’d been Mr Bruno

I’d have kept my trap well shut,

Contacted Galileo

And quietly written it all up.

These days of course we never

Burn heretics at the stake,

We just slag them off on Twitter

Or call them libtards, fools or fakes.

So I guess some things are milder

And we live in a world less cruel

And people perhaps are kinder

And less vicious as a rule.

Be glad that reign of terror

Long ago was ended

And all we get is slander

From thickoes easily offended.

Day 312. Saturday 23rd February 2019


After deep deliberation

For more than seven minutes

I have conclusively decided

That when I'm dead I want to be

Not buried but cremated.

All I ask - and please take note

For here I am in earnest -

Make very sure I'm really dead

Before you light the furnace.

Surprised to hear me voice such fears

Over prematue immolation?

Well, in my defence I ask you this:

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Day 311. Friday 22nd |February 2019


Top of the food chain

We are hoping that someone

Invents a new game

Day 310. Thursday 21st February 2019


Money, in case you had not noticed

Is primarily and well nigh exclusively

Comprised of numbers entered digitally

Into computer memories.

As such therefore it is undoubtedly

The cheapest and easiest thing on the ruddy

Planet to produce.

To make it perpetually slightly scarce

Whilst convincing the multitudes

The scarcity's unavoidable

Requires extraordinary feigned ineptitude

Backed up by malevolent genius.

Day 309. Wednesday 20th February 2019


Capitalism: create scarcity

Keynsian economics: create want.

Communism: distribute the above evenly.

In a civilisation capable

Of creating vast abundance

This takes quite some doing

But luckily for the capitalists

Economicts, socialists and allied

Certifiable dunces

The banksters have this covered

By creating money based on debt

And thus rendering our spending power

- the means by which demand's expressed -

Artificially scarce.

Day 308. Tuesday 19th February 2019


Brexit or Union?

Democrat or Republican?

Socialism or Capitalism?

Tory or Labour?

Smoke or Mirror?

Frying pan or Fire?

Day 307. Monday 18th February 2019


When we look at one another

What do we really see,

Who the person really is

Or a mock-up of who we think,

Or assume or hope that they be?

And when we take a friend or lover.

In great or small degree

Time adds depth and colour,

Nuance, detail and history

And by increments amended

The mock-up grows closer

In approximation

To their true reality.

And we know we are on a winner

When we discover we're beholding

A mock-up, much-amended,

That is even better

Than the original we created.

Day 306. Sunday 17th February 2019

Today I also feature guest poet, Jane Rakestraw from the USA, whose lovely poem was written from the heart to celebrate the engagement of her beautiful daughter, Fallon, to my beloved son, Liam. see the poem below.


Thank you for your reminder

That man can still create fun

And wonders that soar over

Strictures of trite can't-be-dones.

For you defy gravity

With enviable aplomb

That lifts the planetary

Coffin lid nailed down upon

All our moribund desires.

Pirouettes and arabesques

By transcendant dreams inspired,

Flesh like fluid statuettes

Weaves magic from inner fires,

Marionettes freed from strings

Of limitation dance higher.

Scant held by the circus ring,

Your power drawn from the sun,

From the heart of the Earth,

Re-born, the humdrum re-spun

Into magical rebirth

That dances to th'acoustic

Deep underneath the heartbeat

Of the tiring universe,

As your feet ride the drumbeat

Of some new-incanted verse.

Thank you for the joy you bring

To a world trapped in belief

Of the rule of mundane things

And the key to Man's release.


by guest poet, Jane Rakestraw

There once was a girl named Fallon

Who loved a travel challenge.

Went across the Pond did she

And met Liam while overseas.

One afternoon over tea

The "he" and "she" became a "we".

'Twas time for her to return,

Sadly their two hearts would yearn.

Unwilling to set her free,

He bought a ring and bent a knee.

This winter's eve, propose did he.

She agreed!

Soon a wedding there will be.

Day 305. Saturday 16th February 1019


God help humanity

When hysterical voices

Drown us in their noise

Day 304. Friday 15th February 2019


I reckon I'm richer than a Rockefeller or Clinton

Because these birds are despised by millions

And very few despise yours truly.

Mind you, only a few people

Have ever heard of me . . .

Day 303. Thursday 14th February 2019


(For my Wife)

Throughout our years my love hath grown more fine,

The more I find of thee the more to love,

‘Til ev’ry day becometh Valentine’s

As the heart’s red rose burgeons from its bulb,

Or like the fruit that groweth on the vine

Blessed by kindly climes and a gentle sun,

Matures until it maketh sweetest wine

And sipped by lips benign leaves thirst undone.

When all around decays and dies with time

And even mortal flesh at length succumbs,

E’en yet do we defy that base design

For love dies not but groweth yet more strong.

And mine is stronger now than e’er it was

And thou its inspiration and its cause.

Day 302. Wednesday 13th February


Seems to me a man's life has no riches

If there is no-one in it

He would truly take a bullet for

And if the bullet killed him

Consider he had won on the deal.

I think therefore I am wealthy

Because when I asked myself honestly

For whom would I stand in the way

Of a bullet,

I counted eight.

Day 301. Tuesday 12th February


If you're sick and tired

Of poem after poem,

Think of how I feel!

Day 300. Monday 11th February 2019

Day 300

Blimey! I've reached Day 300!

No idea how I've kept going,

Nor why I chose today of all days,

To be completely stuck for a poem.

Day 299. Sunday 10th February 2019


Ultimately "We The People" are to blame

For this egregiously managed planet

For the government we inherit

Is the one we are willing to tolerate.

Day 298. Saturday 9th February 2019


My thought for today:

What if the whole universe

Was just God's haiku?

Day 297. Friday 8th February 2019


The cure for human misery

Is really very simple,

The government should merely ban it

And make unhappiness illegal.

Day 296. Thursday 7th February 2019


I've decided that the universe

Isn't big and it isn't clever.

It's great big bubble of nothing

That's perpetually inflating

Or a game of smoke and mirrors

That fooled us into thinking

It goes on and on forever.

Day 295. Wednesday 6th February 2019


Watching government is like

Watching some tired sitcom

That isnt very funny

But what can we expect

When the economy

Is run on debt

As its means of exchange

Instead of proper money?

Day 294 Tuesday 5th February 2019


The formula for government

Is really very simple:

With PR spin and blandishments

Bamboozle lots of people.

And if you can con enough of them

You'll get yourself elected,

Then work really hard

To enrich your chums

Before everyone discovers

Your management, economics,

Diplomacy and motives

Are all seriously defective.

Then withdraw in luxury

To pave the way inevitably

For some new band of spivs

Similarly connected.

Day 293 Monday 4th February 2019

Rap of Liberation Part Six

(For the decriers and defamers of Man)

I am tired of your squabbles,

Fake news and drivel,

Your querulous shrieking

Over hubble-bubble cauldrons

Of toil and troubles,

Conjured by the hocus pocus

Of lies and distortions

And the hysterical wagging

Of self-righteous fingers.

I revile and detest your

Distemperate voices

Of feigned indignation,

Your lies and false promises

And snivelling quarrels.

I despise your misplaced blame

And your shameless games

Of mass manipulation,

Whispered rumours and false accusations,

Your divide-and-rule capers

And their choking poison

Of generalised fears

That infect the atmosphere

Of human relations,

Its fetid stench manufactured

Year after year

By your smoke-and-mirror

Denigation of people

And races and nations.

I scorn and abhor your

Cruel defamation

Of millions of humans

Trying to stay sane in