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We-Are-Brothers: an essay on dehumanization and war

How to get people to blow other people up

The genocide in Gaza has thrown into focus a fascinating phenomenon: To the degree that people see other people as human beings like themselves, it becomes harder to get them to wage war on one another. In order to get sane human beings to accept blowing up other human beings, blow the legs off their children and so forth, the psychopaths engineering war must first dehumanize the target population.



This is huge: former police officer exposes massive fraud at highest levels 

This is explosive. The following interviews provide fascinating evidence of serious fraud and rampant corruption at the highest levels. It is important to find and expose the crimes of the (LOL) “Very Best People” (aka crime syndicates) who have hijacked the governance of our nation because we can in time force those in positions of responsibility to become honest. Enforcing ethical and lawful conduct upon people at the highest levels, in positions of economic and political power, is absolutely vital. It something we have neglected at our peril because the behavior of those at high levels impacts upon large numbers of people – in other words, the potential for widespread damage to the nation and its citizens is commensurately greater.


Man the Solver, the Solutions are out there part 8: Not Our Future 

I’m featuring here the “Not Our Future” initiative as it exemplifies what is needed: uninhibited grassroots-level communication on a broad scale that facilitates the interchange of  ideas.

And that of course directly challenges the tired, stale and corrupt globalist “centralised control” narrative, which is itself based upon the premise that a handful of not particularly powerful intellects know best what is good for the rest of us. Or, worse, they don’t care what is good for the rest of us because they consider what’s best for them overrides the needs of everyone else.


Want to build a stable, prosperous and relatively safe civilisation? Cowering in programed fear won’t cut it.

I’m pleased to feature here an excellently well-reasoned and factual video from Climate Discussion Nexus. It is well worth watching if you want further understanding of how the climate change psyop is worked so as the terrify and cow the populace. You’ll also learn a lot about what is really happening with our planet, the natural fluctuations of a sometimes challenging environment that, pursuant to the globalist agenda, get portrayed as man-made catastrophes. The truth of the matter is that we live on a planet with an often-hostile natural environment that can at times present challenges to our survival. Humanity has done extremely well to flourish despite those challenges and indeed overcome them. We have have earned the good fortune we now enjoy of living through a relatively mild period. This relatively mild period presents us with opportunities for huge strides forward.


The collapse of the climate con and other capers: the cat is now thoroughly out of the bag and peeing in the globalists’ soup. 

For sure, the whole risible climate change thing is a psychological warfare effort directed against The People and relies neither upon reason nor evidence but instead upon the relentless repetition that most advertising relies on to sell a product – and in this instance the product being sold is fear. The selling of fear is on the basis that frightened people are, according to the sociopathic mass psychology loons from whom they take advice (a recipe for ultimate failure if ever there was one), more easy to control. That might at least be partially true but the use of covert psychological methods to control people is itself a hostile act that inhibits their ability to function and thus survive as free, rational beings. It the underhand behavior of an enemy.


The pseudoscientific drivel epidemic: a psychological warfare operation with serious side effects? 

The MSM  of course has a primary function of spreading whatever disinformation its globalist overlords desire in their relentless psychological warfare operation against humanity. Their effort to spread dismay and bring about a cowed and demoralised populace is greatly assisted if said misinformation can cloak itself in the guise of “science” because people are still to some degree more inclined to believe something if it claims to come from “scientists” much as earlier superstitions rendered credible anything told them by a priesthood “representing God”.


The Palestine Genocide – an Historical Perspective

It seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the history of the conflict as far as I can tell although I imagine the Zionists will feel hard-done-by as it details their history of brutality against the indigenous inhabitants of the area, their role in the spawning of Hamas and so forth. The Zionists could do themselves a favor and indeed the Jewish people they purport to represents by learning to behave in a civilised manner. Mind you, you could say that of the US government, the British, many of the groups purporting to represent the Palestinians and various other criminals and psychopaths operating in the bloody mess that has been made of that region of the planet. 


The use of fear and other psychological manipulations to achieve sly control of The People 

Some very very important points are made about the sly psychological manipulations of the population, such instilling fear and using it as a covert control mechanism, by government without our consents. This is instead of overtly communicating to the People accurate information and engaging their ability to Reason. Where did the degenerates at the helm of the ship of state get the idea that this deplorable treatment of the citizenry – treating them essentially as if they are cattle rather than rational beings is somehow okay? It is indicative both of the  low ethic level of the government and their low view of their own citizens.


What is Justice?

I thought it important to look over “What is Justice” in light of the importance of the principle of Liberty and Justice for all.  If we can make this principle truly understood and truly real in application for all people we can liberate Man, free his spirit, creativity, good will and brotherhood and bring about the kind of stable, high-ethic civilisation for the global human community that men have dreamed of but never yet quite achieved.


Climate, the Movie blows the “climate change” scam out of the water 

I am featuring the following documentary together with its introduction by Martin Durkin in full because the message is extremely important and very well communicated. It urgently needs to be disseminated far and wide because humanity is being scammed  on a massive scale.

This powerful video blows the “climate change” scam out of the water and provides profound insight into what is going on.


Scientists Discover the UK Government is Awesome 

Gang of Loons not Demented, Shock

A jubilant Rishi Sunak, posting in the Facebook group, “Fans of Genocide”, today sent the world reeling and gasping with indifference when he announced the discovery by scientists that he and his government, affectionately known by the British people and other dissident movements as “The Gang of Loons”, are really brilliant (or “awesome” if you speak American) and not at all demented after all. 


Man the Solver and the New Renaissance: the solutions are out there. Part 7 

I’m featuring here a remarkably powerful video documentary created by a remarkably capable 18-year-old American girl, Grace Price. The documentary itself gets its insightful and liberating vital message across with impressive precision and skill.bIt is worth featuring for that alone but what impressed and heartened me was the fact that an 18-year-old child of a country notorious for its stultifying education system – rigged to dumb down generations of Americans – can yet rise above such efforts to inhibit and enslave a nation’s citizens and speak out with articulate skill against a corrupt establishment’s efforts to debilitate and kill to produce a liberating message.


UK Court puts Assange extradition on hold as trust in US justice reaches a new low 

This featured article is from Salon and gives you an update on the moral and legal mess the corrupt US regime is in over its vicious treatment of Julian Assange, whose “crime”, so far as I can tell, was to publish the truth about them. The viciousness of course is intended as a deterrent in case any other journalists get any funny ideas because we can’t have people publishing the truth whenever they feel like it because if that sort of thing were allowed to happen the aforesaid regime is toast.


What sort of bloke was Jesus really?

By way of a title, I  quote my friend Patricia Maddalena:

One of the first freedom fighters murdered as a terrorist and then used as reminder for two millennia and counting…


The Death Throes of Empire? Beware the thrashing tail!


Featured article by

"We should reflect upon the example of the Roman Empire and its ultimate fate: it fell because in the end there were just too many crimes and injustices and no-one took pride in Rome or being Roman anymore and were no longer willing to fight for it. Such a fate awaits criminal states currently exemplified by Israel unless good me seize the helm and introduce rational policies that enshrine, for example, Liberty and Justice for All."


Man the Solver and the New Renaissance: the Solutions are out there – part 6: Universal Declaration for the Future of Humanity

It is my pleasure and duty to feature the following Declaration as it lays down important, sane  principles that set out much of the basic philosophical foundation of our new global human community.



Unearthed document reveals medieval alarm over "Ye horrific Warming of ye Planet"

97% of soothsayers agree that "ye apocalypse climatic be upon us"

Read ye whole harrowinge sooth here

The WHO program that threatens Mankind




Now with pictures 

READ MORE   go to: 

Mass Poisoning disaster: now the truth is undeniable and unavoidable


The following briefing from Russell brand is a brilliant analysis of how, thanks to the tireless efforts of freedom fighters across the world, the truth is now breaching the force-screens of obfuscation and censorship to reach the public.  The vaccines , that we were told remorselessly by bare-faced liars were ‘safe” and “effective” are now being widely exposed as anything but. It is just a pity that so many people  had to be injured and murdered before the truth started to break through.


The Net Zero con and cultural self-harm: how we have been taken for a ride by very rich homicidal lunatics


These items were originally published by The White Rose and it is my pleasure to feature them here. They comprise two letters by Douglas Brodie to the Scottish dodgy MSP Sir Edward Mountain. They are very powerful and provide an insightful, well-expressed summary of how we, The People, have been taken for a ride by a dying but still dangerous criminal money-aristocracy armed to the teeth with crude psychological warfare weapons (ie, the art of lying).  Enjoy!


From Global Boiling to Total Meltdown. The man-made climate change psyop hovers on the brink of death 

This article from the always insightful and interesting The Daily Sceptic helps us identify the glaring flaws and ulterior motives of the “man-made climate change” propaganda by which the criminal elite hope to bamboozle the People into meek acceptance of their own destruction.


Scientists Have Discovered that Nobody Knows What's Going On

Five hundred of the world's top scientists assembled in Geneva last week in a last-ditch effort to achieve a breakthrough in the search for the scientific Holy Grail known, in layman's terms, as "finding out what is going on". It is a goal that has inspired centuries of research by some of the planet's greatest minds and original thinkers such as Diogenes, Robert Oppenheimer and Al Gore but which has yet to produce the hoped-for breakthrough in human understanding.



Liberty and Justice for all!

These 30 rights apply to every human being everywhere at all times. They are  the route to Liberty and Justice for All. By bringing into being, for real, Liberty and Justice for all, we shall play midwife to the birth of a civilisation greater than any seen before.


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