Freedom Fighters' Directory


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I've been compiling this directory for a while in the hope that it might help freedom fighters find and connect up with other freedom fighters.

It is far from complete and very much work-in-progress so it will be updated as we progress. As it now stands, 'm sure it has many howling omissions for which oversights I hope those omitted will forgive me.  If yo think of any person or group who should be included, please let me know by emailing me at Your input will be appreciated.

The fact of the matter is that the numbers of such persons and groups has exploded in recent years, a phenomenon that shows no sign of abating as the simmering grassroots humanitarian revolt against tyranny continues to gather momentum. It is therefore sometimes hard to keep up. A lovely problem to have! But any help you can give me in the forms of suggestions and ideas will be very much appreciated.

The freedom movement is now so huge and so rooted in human aspirations across the planet's vast and vibrant human community that it is becoming unstoppable - something that has the globalist enemies of humanity, frightened creatures that they are,  totally freaking out.

If we can unite now, we'll win. We can take this planet  with what we have at this moment, if we can channel our considerable but as yet somewhat dispersed energies.

Power is focussed energy.

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For suggestions and so forth please feel free to email me at