Looking forward to being famous after I'm dead

Fiction, poetry, non fiction, humor and satire by Steve Cook


Sometimes I think the world would be a better place if we could all lighten up a bit.

So I hope I make you chuckle


My works of fiction, stories short and stories long, mostly written tongue-in-cheek as I often have trouble staying serious.


My poetry and verse.

Includes samples

My non-fiction works on the subjects of monetary reform and  benign governance that works for all the people

WebWide News

Dismantling the Matrix

Features articles mainly from my UK Reloaded project and The Liberty Beacon network devoted to raising the level of planetary management, exposing those influences responsible for the current mis-managed mess. Proposing actual solutions.

Freedom Fighters' Directory

I've been compiling this directory for a while in the hope that it might help freedom fighters find and connect up with other freedom fighters. It is far from complete and very much work-in-progress so it will be updated as we progress. Your suggestions welcomed.

Man the Solver

the Solutions are out there

Featuring people a groups actively working to bring about a higher level of civilisation

All the Shock and Horror before it happens and just in case it doesn't

My online satirical newspaper

Don't be afraid to try this at home

Doing our bit for the planet

Various humble ideas I've tried out and want to share that contribute, I hope to improving our world in manifold small ways. We can all do something.

Dare to Dream

Wild Ideas

A civilisation is as great as its dreams so I thought that over time I'd share some of them with you.

Soundbites and Tidbits

Sundry items that interest or inspire me or which I thnk are simply worth sharing

United for Human Rights

It is my pleasure and  duty to feature and share with you this wonderful civilised and civilising project as it is an important foundation for our new-improved world