Unite and Win!


You've probably noticed that there are tens of thousands of public groups out there campaigning to bring about a better, freer, more decent world. These range from individuals and groups campaigning for 5G safety, Vaccine safety, the end of psychiatric and other human rights abuses, more ethical and honest government, the exposure of corporate criminality, good nutrition, a drug-free world and so on and so forth.

The purpose of Liberty Junction is to provide an online directory where any and all of these individuals or groups can be listed so as to make it easy for them to find one another and to know who else with similar goals and purposes is out there. It is also to to promote the sense of unity among us and to encourage co-operation and co-action.

I hope to develop this onto a full-blown website soon.

I've set up this page as a preliminary so that anyone who wants to contribute ideas and suggestions can do so easily.

For example, there is the matter of what broad categories the website should have. Obvious ones are Vaccines, 5G, Psychiatry. Alternative Media, War, Human Rights, GMOs, Globalism and so on. But I would welcome your ideas as to what other broad categories Liberty Junction should have. Some groups featured on the site would most likely come under more than one category.

My idea at the moment is that the site would feature alphabetical listings under broad categories and each entry would comprise: NAME., WEBSITE(S) and a BRIEF DESCRIPTION.

Thus someone interested in, for example, the issue of 5G and wondering who else is active on the issue or simply looking for more information would be able to find groups listed under 5G and click on a link to their website to find out more about them. Again, I am open to ideas as to what else we could do with this provided we can avoid getting into too much complexity.

Liberty Junction would NOT LIST websites that are pro war, pro illegality, pro psychiatry, pro drugs or fronts for globalist, corporate or political vested interests.

It would contain a form whereby anyone can propose a group that should be added to the directory. This can be THEIR OWN group OR simply a group they like. Each proposed entry would be checked by a visit to their site before they are added.

The directory will be FREE and inclusion in it FREE. This is a contribution in the public interest, not a money-making caper.

To get the ball rolling, please use the form to give me your suggestions and/or to propose people or groups you would like to see included.

Here's what we have so far. No doubt lots of important people are as yet missing from the list so please let me know . . .