Wild Idea


This article was originally published on The Liberty Beacon and UK Reloaded

Sometimes you gotta dare to dream. So here’s a really wild idea!

If we can afford to wage war on people we can sure afford to help people

by Steve Cook

How about we turn the army in to an International Rescue Force?

The Department or Ministry of Defence becomes The Department of Defence and Rescue. (Defense if you prefer the American spelling).

It can still do its job defending the country if we are attacked (honest Defence rather than thinly disguised Offence) but in the nightmare scenario we face of peace breaking out all over the place, this idea handles the problem of our soldiers having nothing to do.

Of course, the traditional way of avoiding having a ruddy great army sitting around twiddling its thumbs is to elect somebody as a threat and pick a fight with them, send the military off to somewhere like Syria so that they can be kept busy knocking seven bells out of people we have no real quarrel with, setting fire to their children and so forth.

This is great for keeping the military busy but it is really expensive and tends to make our fellow human beings (including those in the military) miserable.

So instead of picking or inviting a fight and sending them off to sort somebody out, how about we send them off to help people out instead?

You know, where there’s an earthquake or tsunami or famine, nuclear meltdown or some such thing, they can get busy rescuing people, building shelters, mending the roads and bridges, getting food supplies through, fixing up the water supply, irrigation and sanitation, setting up solar farms and wind turbines, even planting some freakin’ trees if it helps them and all that kind of thing. If they really miss shooting people, they can shoot the occasional looter or criminal overlord if it makes them happy.

Beyond those immediate emergencies we have a whole planetary environment that needs fixing up.

This might even make the troops happy as there is nothing quite like doing really needed-and-wanted good works for people to raise morale and self esteem.

The motto of our new Rescue Force could be,”help, don’t hit” and it should be recognised that it is a lot more cost-effective than its opposite: “hit, don’t help”, which has been our modus operandi for quite a while.

Going around helping and rescuing people is a lot less expensive than going around blowing them up.

For starters, one is much less likely to get shot at when doing the former so there are huge savings to be made on losing personnel, firing millions of bullets and missiles, having planes shot down or a battleship sunk. Not to mention the security apparatus needed to protect us from the inevitable blowback.

We don’t charge any other country. We provide it as a service – sending out rescue force to help WHEN ASKED OR INVITED for which, as I pointed out, we are saving money compared with the other approach of having a war.

So instead of creating enemies, we make friends. Having and maintaining friendship is less expensive than maintaining hatreds.

Imagine too what we could get done if all the military on the planet got busy fixing things up. The better and more beautiful global community we all dream about would become a reality.

A country, like a person, is as valuable as it is of help to others. By providing REAL hands-on, honest-to-goodness, practical, no-strings help to people around the world where they need it, we boost the repute AND STRENGTH of our nation as well as our own pride in it.

Maybe nations take to the path of war when they become convinced they cannot help. Well, who says we cannot help? And we profit not one iota by listening to them