Wild Idea 3

This article was originally published on The Liberty Beacon and UK Reloaded

Tone down the warmongering, clean up the environment

by Steve Cook

According to this article in the Telegraph from December 2016:

“Once again this year, the US retained its long-held place as the world’s biggest spender on defence, with an outlay of $622bn, up 1pc, more than three times second-placed China, at $191.8bn, and a 6pc increase on the previous year. The UK held its third place spot at £53.8bn, just 0.5pc higher than 2015’s level.” [emphasis added]

Apparently the Royal Navy’s newest and biggest aircraft carrier cost around £3 billion to build and the running costs of an aircraft carrier are in the region of £300 million per year.

I cite these examples just to give you an idea of the cost to this nation of war or a state of continual preparedness for war.

And to propose this wild idea:

In another article on this site we reported on how UK transport operator Go-Ahead has launched a bus with a rooftop filter that removes air pollution as it travels.

So how about we divert some of the money (in other words the human energy and material resources) it would take to build and run JUST ONE aircraft carrier and use it instead to fit every bus, taxi, train and truck in the country with one of those air filters? Or to research and develop a filter that can be fitted to every automobile?

The thing about an air filter is that, once built and fitted, it then REMOVES pollution for the environment and costs next to nothing to run. And doesn’t demolish villages or kill anybody either. Compare that with an aircraft carrier that sails around the planet leaving a swathe of pollution in its wake, blowing things and people up and so on and so forth.

If course, when we propose something pro-survival and, indeed, urgently needed such as cleaning up the air using a relatively simple device, we are told how technically difficult this would be to do, we can hardly afford it and so on.

Yet building, equipping and maintaining a ruddy great aircraft carrier and sailing it around the planet, launching incredibly sophisticated (and expensive) planes and missiles off it morning noon and night is a hell of a lot harder. And we can manage that.

So I think we could manage to clean up the air we breathe and bequeath to our children and children’s children a healthy planet to live on.

When you think that the planet as a whole spends over a £trillion EVERY YEAR on war, I think we could divert human and material resources to making the planet healthy easily enough if the world’s governments could be persuaded to tone the warmongering down a bit.

So often, when we are told we “can’t do” something pro-survival, what is really meant is “we don’t want to.”