Dear Human Race . . .


by Steve Cook

Dear human race,

With someone working very hard to promote yet another freakin’ war (this time between the US and Iran) it is probably worth remembering that behind the smoke screen of bewildering complexity composed of propaganda, lies, half truths and the snide machinations of hidden third parties, these situations boil down to a simplicity.

The conflict between Iran and the US is essentially a turf war between criminal gangs.

It is very unfortunate for the human community that these criminals gangs have seized hold of or powerful influence over the policies and governance of our various nations.

This does not necessarily mean that everyone in government is a criminal, merely that criminal cliques who think it is perfectly all right to slaughter human beings or persuade human beings to slaughter one another if it suits their own dark purposes have secured undue influence over men of less criminal disposition.

Being criminally insane, such people are easy to provoke into war when someone comes along and decides to promote a conflict.

Caught in the middle of all this is the rest of the human race, millions of us who have better things to do than slaughter people we have never even met and with whom we have no real quarrel, donate our beloved sons and daughters to the war effort, see our planet torn up and our hard-earned tax dollars used to blow other people’s children’s legs off rather than being spent on something useful.

The common enemy of the people of our communities and the broader global community is not the general citizenry of this nation or that but the aforementioned criminal groups. We should be fighting THEM, not one another.

We have more in common with the fellow human beings – the mums, dads, kids, taxi drivers, librarians, factory workers, artisans and so forth – we are being persuaded to slaughter than we do with the people who are persuading us to do the slaughtering.

Part of the effort required to persuade us to do the slaughtering – or at least approve of or support it – is the propaganda effort to dehumanise the people of the targeted nations – to weaken our concept of our natural brotherhood with one another.

Thus we see our media mobilised to portray those people, whoever they happen to be, as a mass that is somehow strange, weird, obnoxious, less human than we are and less deserving of our basic human decencies.

There is NO problem of human interrelations that cannot be resolved with communication and reason alone.

Human beings will resolve their differences unless such resolution is actively prevented.

The effort to engineer a war therefore includes the effort to ensure that that communication and exercise of reason cannot occur.

Throughout my life I have seen this same lunacy played out over and over and over and I am freakin’ well sick and tired of it.

Aren’t you?